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Email templates optimization for Laravel

Optimize your email templates’ styles via native Laravel templating mechanism.

If you want to send an HTML email you can’t just send it with <style></style> tag in it, or link a stylesheet. Most of the email clients will cut it and clients will see your email without any styles.

The only approach to achieve best email quality is to convert all your styles int inline style="" attributes.

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API Exceptions for Laravel

All in one solution for exception for JSON REST APIs on Laravel and Lumen.


The goal of this package is to provide you with a set of most common exceptions that may be needed while developing JSON REST API. It also:

  • Handles exceptions output.
  • Handles exceptions report to logs.
  • Overwrites default Validator to make validation errors more verbose.
  • Has a FormRequest that to handle validation errors and pass them to ApiExceptions layer.
  • Has middleware to catch all system errors such us RuntimeExceptions or ModelNotFoundException to handle them and threat as normal ApiExceptions.

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